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God Made Millionaire 100Th Episode Celebration!

100 nationally syndicated television shows is HISTORIC in the nationally syndicated television industry, but 100 Episodes during a global pandemic is a miracle.

Our 100th episode was aired in 2 parts to celebrate this HUGE milestone that we achieved within the first 3 Seasons of our show.

God Made Millionaire TV 2022
HOPEE Award Winner

Our God Made Millionaire executive team was HONORED to be accept the HOPEE (Helping Others Practice Enduring Empowerment) award on behalf of our show, from our dear friends, Dr. Rosalind Y. Tompkins and R.L. Kwame Lewis HOPEE Awards are given to those who exemplify excellence by empowering and spreading hope to others through their various occupations and initiatives.

Our nationally syndicated television show has done our best to be a beacon of HOPE to the world, during a time it was so desperately needed, a global pandemic, so our team was honored to receive this special award.

Dr. Tompkins is the founder and president of Mothers in Crisis, Inc. as well as the National Month of Hope.

Hear From Some Of Our God Made Millionaire TV Guests
Who Have Been Featured More Than Once!

Season 3

Premiere Show

This is Pamela's 3rd Appearance On Our Show We Featured 3 Of Her Clients Success Stories On The Show!

Imagine If You Did This For Your Clients! What It Would Mean For Your Business And Your Clients!
Season 2
Season 1

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is "God Made Millionaire TV With TC Bradley" Seen?

Our television show is nationally syndicated on The GEB Network on DIRECTV, Channel 363 Monday-Friday evenings at 11:30 Pm Est.

We have the same day and time that Johnny Carson and David Letterman and Jay Leno had all of those years as the Kings of Late night television. 

Monday-Friday at 11:30 PM EST is HIGHLY coveted on any television network and we have Monday-Fridays starting March 2023

Our television broadcast syndication partner, The GEB Network and DirecTV broadcasts into 65 million homes.

This is your opportunity to possibly be featured and share your message to our nationally syndicated audience in PRIME time.

One nationally syndicated television appearance can change the fortunes of a individual or company overnight.

What Is The Format Of The Show?

The format of the show follows the Shark Tank TV show model in that we feature faith-based entrepreneurs who share their inspiring stories and then promote their business.

The only thing different is the entrepreneurs that we feature on our show are not looking for investors, but instead want to promote their story and business to a national prime time TV audience.

In the process of sharing your story, you are going to encourage others that watch the show to reach for their God-given dreams.

One thing that Shark Tank has proven is that one national TV appearance can change the fortunes of a company or person overnight.

Do You Have To Be A God Made Millionaire To Appear On The TV Show?


Our show features ordinary people that GOD has called to do EXTRA-ORDINARY things and they are actually doing something to activate their God given dreams and by doing so, encourage people in to activate and never give up on their God given dreams.

Do You Have To Be A Faith Based Entrepreneur To Appear On The TV Show?


However, our publishing and media company has franchise segments that features Business Leaders on non faith based networks, like ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and CW.

One of our franchise segments are aired on 180 + TV markets, including the TOP 3 television markets in the country, New York, LA, and Chicago for massive television exposure.

So if you are not faith based, we still can put you on a nationally syndicated television show with massive syndication.

Our publishing company works with high level entrepreneurs to bring their books to the marketplace very quickly, and of course the media exposure to put them on TV as a published, best selling author, guaranteed.

We handle everything from A-Z for our book publishing clients.

You can let our production team know if you have an interest in our publishing program, or non faith based television appearances when you fill out your booking form to meet with our production team.

No, you do not need to be a published author to appear on our television media platforms.

Where Is The Show Taped At?

Our show tapes at the television studios of The GEB Network, located on the campus of Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

“God Made Millionaire TV with TC Bradley” literally tapes our show that features Gods people who have activated their God given dreams in the City of Faith!  

It is truly a HONOR of a LIFETIME for our nationally syndicated television show to tape in the “City of Faith.”

Here is a picture of the Globally famous ORU Prayer tower which you see when you step outside of the television studio.

Imagine coming to the “City of Faith” to tape your show and before your nationally syndicated television show taping you first visited the Prayer Tower. 

Everyone that has ever appeared on our television show has come because they have a Prophetic Mandate on their life to come…a Prayer tower visit would only confirm the Prophetic Mandate God has placed on your life. 

Your life will NEVER be the same.

Why Is A National TV Appearance So Significant and Life Changing?

If you can ever get to appear on National TV, it is probably one of the most significant moments in a persons life.

Speaking from a business perspective, everything changes for you.

You now bring much different value to the marketplace than you did before.

Your clients and prospective clients view you from a much different perspective than before.

From their view point, the only folks that get asked to appear on TV are the experts.

Podcasts are the rage right now, but sharing that you appeared on some podcast does not produce the same effect as sharing that you are appearing on a National TV show.

It is not even close.

From a spiritual perspective, there is something to be said for the folks that we feature, folks that normally what never be given such an opportunity, and yet they are featured because they were given a God given dream that they actually did something with, and activated it, and now they get to speak their truth to over 65 million homes, in prime nighttime television.

There is nothing more powerful than a man or woman that is walking in their giftings and God given assignment, so yes, if you can pull it off and get yourself invited on our show, it is a game changer and life changer for most.

Nothing you do in business will have greater significance than this.


Is There An Investment Required?


We fund 100% of the production and syndication fees for our show.

We are covering 100% of the substantial syndication fees to nationally syndicate the show, we consider this as a “seed” we are sowing into your life, therefore, our guests must fund their travel expenses to the studio and contribute a portion of the production costs.

A fair exchange.

A major benefit of our guests contributing a small portion towards the production costs is that we are able to supply you with a high resolution video of your appearance with full marketing rights to use the video in all of your marketing.

We can tell you that those marketing rights are easily worth 250k.

This never happens with nationally syndicated TV shows, as legally you do not have the right to use that footage in any of your marketing, but our guests can and do.

That’s why you will never see any that actually appeared on Oprah use the video of their appearance in any of their marketing, it would imply an endorsement and it you could not do it legally without her permission.

So for us to give you full marketing rights to use your segment is a very BIG deal.

If anything, we are providing a Massive National TV platform to those that others probably have been taken for granted and overlooked for their entire life, and we are providing an opportunity of a lifetime for a mere fraction of what it would cost if you ever decided to try and do this on your own.

Production costs will depend on the segment size but are very affordable and will be discussed only if you are extended an invitation to appear by our production team.

This is television at the HIGHEST level at a fraction of the cost.

Think about this, how many times this year, have you be invited to apply to be featured on a National Television show?

How about in the last 10 years of your life?

These opportunities are rare and must be seized when presented.

What Is The Next Step To See If I Can Be Featured On The Show?

It is pretty easy.

Simply schedule a call with our production team for a brief 15- 30 minute interview.

We want to know a little more about you and what GOD is doing in your life and through your life, and if our producers feel that we have a match, we will discuss what our current availability in our production schedule is for you to be featured, and what segment sizes.

These dates move very quickly and book out months in advance,

We tape 4 shows in 1 day, each month, and the demand to appear on our show is greater than our capacity, but if you qualify, we will extend an invitation for you to appear on your booking call.

There is no pressure on these discovery calls as we believe this calls are GOD calls and not sales calls.

We only ask that you fill out our request TV booking form completely, and that this is something that you have prayed about and strongly feel like this is a divine appointment for you.

We also ask that you watch our show BEFORE booking this call….failure to do that will probably result in your TV booking appointment being cancelled.

You should also have access to some financial resources for travel, hotel, and production expenses.

Bottom line, you are one call away from being featured on a PRIME time nationally syndicated television show that can change the fortunes of a person or company overnight, therefore it is necessary and essential that our producers only speak with those that have actually seen our show, prayed about it, and are serious, committed and decisive about this opportunity to be personally showcased and have their business promoted to over 65 million homes in prime time television.

Is This Your Destiny Moment?

God has things perfectly lined up for your “Destiny moment.”

God never consults your bank account or your calendar when it comes to your “Destiny Moment”

When your “Destiny Moment” comes, your hand should always be raised and the answer should always be YES!

You never know if it will ever come back around again.

The other thing that I would want you to know is that everyone that we feature on our show is there because they have a prophetic mandate on their life to be there.

It is truly their “Destiny Moment”

THAT is why our show is the HOTTEST show on television today.

Bar none.

Nothing is more POWERFUL than hearing from Gods people that have a prophetic mandate on their life and are walking in their Kingdom assignment.

We have built it.

Our God has BLESSED and ORDAINED it.

It’s time to come to the “City of Faith” and speak your truth on our show that is literally broadcast into 65 million homes.

It doesn’t get any better than that.


Say YES! to your Destiny Moment and schedule a call with one of our show booking producers.



You Can Toil Away In Obscurity For The Rest Of Your Life, Hoping And Praying That Someone On TV Will Discover You, Or You Can Seize The Opportunity To Possibly Be Featured On Our Nationally Syndicated TV Show...One Decision To Book A Call With Our Producers Can Literally Alter The Course Of Your Life Forever...Choose Wisely!

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